About Webdango

What do we do?
Webdango will install and configure your web site in only 3 days*. We take care of the technical details so you don’t have to. And we do it for FREE**

Why do we do it?
Hostgator, our hosting partner, pays us a referral fee for every new customer we send. This referral fee ($50) covers the cost of the time it takes to install and configure your site. So if you sign up for to host your website through a Hostgator link on this site, we’ll install and configure your web site for free.

What do you get?
You get a ready-to-go install of the Internet’s most popular web site program, WordPress. You have full control over your site; you can add pages, posts, images, videos, ads, or anything else your heart desires. No more waiting on the “web guy”!

We’ve got a great Getting Started with WordPress guide to get you going.

Remember, you HAVE to sign up with Hostgator using  Hostgator link on this site!

Why is there a * next to 3 days?
We’ll complete setting up your web site in 3 business days. Business days don’t include weekends and holidays. The counter starts the first business day following your order.

Why is there a ** next to FREE?
There are three steps to getting your free web site:

  1. Register a domain name; we recommend GoDaddy
  2. Sign up for hosting at Hostgator through a Hostgator link on this site
  3. Send us your Hostgator account information and we”l set up your site for FREE!

What are you waiting for?

Get started with your free web site